Portfolio of Legal Domain Names

Legal domain names for sale – full listing

Here is a full list of the legal domain names offered by UK Internet Services Ltd via Sedo escrow service.

*We confirm that, unless otherwise stated, the asterixed .co.uk domain names listed below are sold with the buyer acquiring the rights to register the equivalent .uk domain, subject to Nominet’s terms and conditions and time limits. For full information on the .uk domain please visit Nominet.uk. These asterixed domains will have been registered prior to 10 June 2014 when Nominet introduced the new .uk extension.

Our domain sales usually range from as little as several hundred pounds up to many thousands of pounds, depending on the domain, the extension, and our view of its quality and any recent comparable sales we can find. Check on dnjournal.com for latest domain sales figures which are listed weekly. They also provide archive material on past sales.

If one of the links below does not resolve to a sales page, then visit Sedo.com and type in the domain name and it is very likely it will appear listed for sale.

DomainNotes applicable to .uk domain names
accident-advice.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
accidentinjuryclaim.com n/a
agriculturallawyers.co.uk + (agriculturallawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
agriculturelaw.co.uk + (agriculturelaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
alevellaw.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
barristersclerks.co.uk + (barristersclerks.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
barristerslondon.co.uk + (barristerslondon.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
barristerslondon.com n/a
bikeaccidents.co.uk + (bikeaccidents.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
birminghamsolicitors.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
businesslegaladvice.co.uk + (businesslegaladvice.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
caraccidentslawyers.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
caraccidentsolicitors.co.uk + (caraccidentsolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
carcrashclaim.co.uk + (carcrashclaim.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
cardiffsolicitors.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
claimmanagement.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
claimsexpert.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
claimsmanagement.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
clinicalnegligenceclaim.co.uk + (clinicalnegligenceclaim.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
commercialdebt.co.uk + (commercialdebt.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
commercial-law.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
commerciallawyers.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
company-law.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
constructionlawyer.co.uk + (constructionlawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
contractdrafting.co.uk + (contractdrafting.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
contractlaw.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
conveyancinglaw.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
conveyancingsoftware.co.uk + (conveyancingsoftware.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
costsdraftsman.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
costslawyers.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
criminalcompensation.co.uk + (criminalcompensation.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
criminalinjury.co.uk + (criminalinjury.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
debt-recovery.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
defencesolicitors.co.uk + (defencesolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
directbarristers.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
domainsolicitors.co.uk + (domainsolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
drivinglaws.co.uk + (drivinglaws.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
drivingsolicitor.co.uk + (drivingsolicitor.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
ecommercelaw.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
edinburghsolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
educationlawyer.co.uk + (educationlawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
employment-lawyers.co.uk + (employment-lawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
employment-solicitor.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
employment-solicitors.com n/a
employmentclaim.co.uk + (employmentclaim.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
employmentlawsolicitor.co.uk + (employmentlawsolicitor.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
employmentlawsolicitors.co.uk + (employmentlawsolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
energylawyers.co.uk + (energylawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
essexsolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
exetersolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
freelawyers.co.uk + (freelawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
harrogatesolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
healthandsafetyconsultancy.co.uk + (healthandsafetyconsultancy.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
healthandsafetylaw.co.uk + (healthandsafetylaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
healthcarelawyer.co.uk + (healthcarelawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
healthcaresolicitors.co.uk + (healthcaresolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
humanrightsbarrister.co.uk + (humanrightsbarrister.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
industrialinjuryclaim.co.uk + (industrialinjuryclaim.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
inheritancesolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
injuryatwork.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
injurydirect.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
injurylawyer.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
insolvencyhelp.co.uk + (insolvencyhelp.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
insurancelaw.co.uk + (insurancelaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
insurancelawyers.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
internationallawyer.co.uk + (internationallawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
ipswichsolicitors.co.uk + (ipswichsolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
law-careers.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
law-firms.co.uk + (law-firms.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
lawcollege.co.uk + (lawcollege.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
lawcourse.co.uk + (lawcourse.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
lawjob.co.uk + (lawjob.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
lawtuition.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
lawyerslondon.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
leaseextensions.uk No rights to .co.uk extension
leedssolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
legal-jobs.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
legal-services.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
legaladviceuk.co.uk + (legaladviceuk.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
SOLD*inc. rights to .uk extension
legaltuition.com*inc. rights to .uk extension
libellawyer.co.uk + (libellawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
londonbarristers.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
lowcostsolicitors.co.uk + (lowcostsolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
manchesterlawyers.co.uk + (manchesterlawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
medicallaw.uk No rights to .co.uk extension
militarylaw.co.uk + (militarylaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
militarylawyers.co.ukNo rights to .uk extension
motorcyclesolicitors.co.uk + (motorcyclesolicitors.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
motoringlawyer.co.uk + (motoringlawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
motoringlawyers.co.uk + (motoringlawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
negligencelaw.co.uk + (negligencelaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
negligencesolicitor.co.uk + (negligencesolicitor.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
negligencesolicitor.com n/a
nottinghamsolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
nowinnofeeclaim.co.uk + (nowinnofeeclaim.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
oilandgaslaw.co.uk + (oilandgaslaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
patentattorneys.co.uk + (patentattorneys.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
personalinjuries.uk No rights to .co.uk extension
personalinjurylaw.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
personalinjurylawyer.co.uk + (personalinjurylawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
propertysolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
pupillage.uk No rights to .co.uk extension
schooloflaw.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
scottishlaw.co.uk + (scottishlaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
scottishsolicitors.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
shippinglawyers.co.uk + (shippinglawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
slipsandtrips.uk No rights to .co.uk extension
solicitorsjobs.co.uk + (solicitorsjobs.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
spanishlawyer.co.uk + (spanishlawyer.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
speedinglaw.co.uk + (speedinglaw.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
sports-injury.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
trademarksolicitors.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
travellawyers.co.uk + (travellawyers.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
ukconveyancing.co.uk + (ukconveyancing.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
whiplashinjury.ukNo rights to .co.uk extension
willonline.co.uk + (willonline.uk)Both .co.uk & .uk domain is included
willservice.co.uk *inc. rights to .uk extension
work-injury.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
workplaceaccident.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
workplaceaccidents.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension
workplaceinjury.co.uk*inc. rights to .uk extension